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"Killing is killing whether done for duty, profit, or fun."


Ted Bundy Timeline:
11/24/46 - Is born as Theodore Robert Cowell in a home for unwed mothers in Burlington, Vermont. 
05/19/51 - Bundy’s mother, Louise, marries Johnnie Bundy and her son takes his last name. 
Spring 1965 - Graduates from Woodrow Wilson High School in Tacoma, Washington. 
Fall 1965 - Enrolls at the University of Puget Sound and attends the school until Spring 1966. 
06/23/65 - Murders Lonnie Trumbull and seriously injures Lisa Wick in their Seattle apartment. 
Fall 1966 to Spring 1969 - Attends the University of Washington. 
1967 to 1968 - Courts Stephanie Brooks, who closely resembles his future victims. 
Fall 1968 - Brooks breaks off relationship with Bundy. 
Early 1969 - Visits his birthtown of Burlington, Vermont, and learns he is illegitimate. 
Fall 1969 - Re-enters Univ of Washington and meets Liz Kendall, his girlfriend throughout. 
Spring 1973 - Graduates form the University of Washington. 
11/25/73 - Abducts Kathy Devine from a Seattle street corner. 
12/06/73 - Devine’s body is found near Olympia, Washington. 
01/05/74 - Attacks Joni Lenz in her Seattle apartment. Lenz survives. 
02/01/74 - Abducts Lynda Ann Healy from her basement bedroom in Seattle. 
03/12/74 - Abducts Donna Manson from the campus of Evergreen College. 
04/17/74 - Abducts Susan Rancourt from the Central Washignton St. campus. 
05/06/74 - Abducts Kathy Parks from the campus at Oregon St. 
06/01/74 - Abducts Brenda Ball from Burien, Washington. 
06/11/74 - Abducts Georgeann Hawkins from an alley near Univ of Washington fraternity house. 
06/17/74 - Brenda Baker’s body is found in Millersylvania St. Park. Unknown when abducted. 
07/14/74 - In seperate incidents, Janice Ott and Denise Naslund are abducted from Lake Samm. 
09/02/74 - A Jane Doe is abducted from Boise, Idaho. 
Fall 1974 - Enters the University of Utah Law School. 
09/07/74 - Body parts of Ott, Naslund, and Hawkins are recovered 2 miles from Lake Samm. 
10/02/74 - Abducts Nancy Wilcox. 
10/18/74 - Abducts Melissa Smith from Midvale, Utah. 
10/27/74 - Smith’s body is found in Summitt Park near Salt Lake City, Utah. 
10/31/74 - Abducts Laura Aimee from Lehi, Utah. 
11/08/74 - Botches abduction of Carol DeRonch but abducts Debby Kent from school in Bountiful. 
Thanksgiving 1974 - Aimee’s body is found. 
01/12/75 - Abducts Caryn Campbell from a hotel in Aspen, Colorado. 
02/18/75 - Campbell’s body is found near the motel she disappeared from. 
03/03/75 - The skulls of Healy, Ball, Parks, and Rancourt are found near Taylor Mt. in Wash. 
03/15/75 - Abducts Julie Cunningham from Vail, Colorado. 
04/06/75 - Abducts Melanie Cooley from her school in Nederland, Colorado. 
04/23/75 - Cooley is found dead twenty miles from Nederland. 
05/06/75 - Abducts Lynette Culver from her school playground in Pocatello, Idaho. 
06/28/75 - Abducts Susan Curtis from the campus of BYU while attending a youth conference. 
07/01/75 - Abducts Shelley Robertson from Golden, Colorado. 
07/04/75 - Abducts Nancy Baird from Layton, Utah. 
08/16/75 - Arrested for possession of burglary tools during a traffic stop in Salt Lake City. 
February 1976 - Abducts Debbie Smith in Utah. 
03/01/76 - Is found guilty of aggravated kidnapping in the DeRonch attack. 
04/01/76 - Smith’s body is found at Salt Lake International Airport. 
06/30/76 - Sentenced to 1-15 years in prison. 
06/07/77 - Escapes from Pitkin Co. Law Library in Colorado while preparing for trial in the Campbell murder. 
06/13/77 - Is apprehended in Aspen, Colorado. 
12/30/77 - Escapes from Garfield County Jail in Colorado and flees to Tallahassee, Florida. 
01/14/78 - Enters Chi Omega sorority house in Tallahassee, killing Lisa Levy and Magaret Bowman. 
01/14/78 - Also attacks Cheryl Thomas in her house nearby, seriously injuring her. 
02/09/78 - Abducts Kimberly Ann Leach from her school in Lake City, Florida. 
02/15/78 - Arrested while driving a stolen VW in Pensacola, Florida. 
04/12/79 - Leach’s body is found in Suwanee St. Park in Florida. 
07/27/78 - Indicted for the murders of Levy and Bowman. 
07/31/78 - Indicted for the Leach murder. 
07/07/79 - Leach and Bowman murder trial begins. 
07/23/79 - Found guilty of the murders of Levy and Bowman. 
07/31/79 - Sentenced to death for the murders of Levy and Bowman. 
01/07/80 - Trial begins for the Leach murder. 
02/06/80 - Found guilty of Leach murder. 
02/09/80 - Sentenced to death for Leach murder. 
07/02/86 - Obtains a stay of execution only fifteen minutes before he is scheduled to die. 
11/18/86 - Obtains a stay of execution only seven hours before he is scheduled to die. 
11/17/89 - Final death warrant is issued. 
01/24/89 - Executed in the electric chair at 7:16 AM.

(Upon hearing he was to be given the death penalty for his crimes:) “Big deal. Death comes with the territory. See you in Disneyland.”

Richard Ramirez aka the Night Stalker (1988)

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"We serial killers are your sons, we are your husbands, we are everywhere. And there will be more of your children dead tomorrow."