"He was a real quiet guy. A lot of people portray him as this weakling who was picked on, but he was a big guy. He worked out with weights, and he was built like a linebacker. He was occasionally picked on a little by the jocks, but even they got wary of him. He kind of moved through the school without raising any notice from teachers. I don’t think any of the adults noticed him, despite how shocking his behavior was." — high school classmate John Backderf on how he viewed Dahmer


Eric Harris was an enthusiast DOOM-player. Weeks after the Columbine shooting, the Los Angeles-based Wiesenthal Center examined Eric’s games. They discovered that Eric Harris made a version of DOOM which turned the game from a shooting competition into a massacre where the player was invincible. It was called ”God mode” and the dying characters would yell out ”Lord, why is this happening to me?”