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"It kills me to see such a beautiful person like you be this sad, because you deserve better than this."

  • Person: She was dressed like a slut, so she got raped. It's common sense.
  • Me:
  • Person:
  • Me:
  • Officer: So, you say you shot this man?
  • Me: Officer, it's not my fault he was killed. I mean, he WASN'T wearing a bullet proof vest. It's his fault that my bullet killed him. It's not my fault at all. How dare he walk around with his body vulnerable to bullets.


Reblog if you like any of the following bands.

-Bring Me The Horizon
-Pierce The Veil
-All Time Low
-Black Veil Brides
-My Chemical Romance
-Get Scared
-You At Me Six
-Sleeping With Sirens
-Of Mice And Men
-Asking Alexandria
-Never Shout Never
-Escape The Fate
-Falling In Reverse
-Avenged Sevenfold
-Modern Day Escape

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The empire state building through the window of GE building (AKA 30 Rock)


I wish none of you were sad

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